Ep: 10 – Evolve Men with Angus Nelson

On this episode:

(3:30) Meeting Jean Claude Van Dame


(7:00) Angus’s journey


(9:50) Masculinity and emotions


(13:41) Feeling lazy


(16:22) Character overrides preference


(17:50) Indoctrination and the roles assigned by society


(18:50) Understanding each other


(25:48) Who’s Angus now?


(27:20) Seeing fear as an invitation


(34:20) Elevating how you see yourself


(36:20) Writing things on your heart


(40:30) Concietness vs confidence


(47:12) Fulfillment



“What we don’t have a connection to in a male society is being present” (12:37)



“In order for you to grow and feel alive means you have to face things you may not be willing or ready to face yet” (26:58)



“Is the world happening to me? or is the world happening for me? “ (36:32)


About Angus:
Angus is a men’s executive coach, one of America’s top performance strategists and Founder of Evolve Men Coaching. He helps ambitious men find fulfillment for a life of meaning and purpose. His past clients include members from Fortune 50 brands to celebrity personalities while also speaking at headquarters for America’s top brands such as Walmart, Coca-Cola, BMW, Disney, Whole Foods, and Adobe. Angus is married with three children and lives in Nashville, Tennessee with their 2 bougie dogs.


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