Ep 2: Happy Hour E1- Compliant vs. Gratitude

On this episode:

(4:27) Dealing with emotions

(10:15) Dealing with different emotions

(11:11) The teamwork approach

(15:23) Becoming the center of the world

(16:52) Living in a complaint mind frame

(17:12) Switching mind into gratitude

(20:10) Telling yourself the right stories

(23:07) Identifying your mindset

(25:29) Priming your body to have the right state

(28:46) Journal to yourself yesterday

The subconscious is going to tell you why everything sucks and your conscious mind will help you to have gratitude in every experience you have

You have to ask yourself the right questions within the blessing type and a gratitude mindset

Complaint and gratitude are fundamentally different ways of viewing the world


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