Ep 3: Training with purpose with Scott Keppel

(3:27) Feeling like you don’t belong

(8:16) Looking at what you need

(13:57) Achieving your full potential

(20:47) Helping others to achieve their goal

(27:39) If your passionate, it will sell better

(29:42) Wanting to give back authentically

(37:18) Having another level of accountability

(44:32) Impacting people’s lives

(46:02) Giving people hope when they feel hopeless

(47:36) What we go trough, we grow trough

(50:04) Being intentional with freedom

(51:42) Elevating thise around me

“Treat people the way that you want to be treated, and even better than the way that you want to be treated”

“It’s about asking yourself: who are you and who do you want to attract to your life in this moment?”

“Think about giving back instead of only thinking of what you can put in your pocket”

About Scott

Scott Keppel is a master trainer with the National Academy of Sports Medicine® (NASM) and the owner of Scott’s Training Systems (STS), a world class fitness studio located in Chandler, Arizona. Scott specializes in pageantry and is the official trainer for several states in the Miss USA organization, a number of other national pageants, as well as the official trainer for two states in the Miss America organization. He offers in-person and online coaching, and works with pre/post-natal and post breast cancer clients, business executives, weight loss and general fitness clients. Scott is the author of A Fit Guide to Post Breast Cancer Recovery and A Fit Guide to Having a Pageant Body. A featured speaker in the media, Scott has also presented at other industry conferences, including NASM Optima. Certifications: NASM-CPT, CNC, PES, WLS, YES, ISSA and Movnat. 

“We are the official/preferred fitness and nutrition coach for ten states in the Miss USA organization a well as the Miss Arizona and Miss Arizona Outstanding Teen contestants. For over a decade, I have coached hundreds of women for bikini, figure, fitness, physique competitions and pageant training, including dozens who have placed top 5 at Miss USA and Miss America. I am the official trainer for Miss Arizona USA, Miss Teen Arizona USA, Miss Arizona and Miss Arizona Outstanding Teen. I now work nationally with Miss Utah USA, Miss Teen Utah USA, The Pageant Planet and Future Productions, who are the directors of seven different states in the USA system. I enjoy pageant coaching, as it is a time in a women’s life where they are their most beautiful, but often don’t see it. I aim to coach them to realize how strong, amazing, and beautiful they are. Helping women aspire to and achieve their goals is one of the highlights of my career.”

Melissa’s battle with cancer made Scott get into post cancer recovery trainings. He is very inspired by his wife’s struggle. 

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