Ep 5: The Life of Artistic Entrepreneurship with Rob Ricotta

On this episode:

(7:11) Studying more about God

(10:16) Reaching out to a mentor

(16:30) Body language and confidence

(18:05) Being humble and open

(21:48) Staying true to myself

(25:21) Awareness of myself

(33:34) We are made to sin

(36:22) Life is not only a gift

(38:46) Being worthy of having love

(52:36) Music is wide open

(56:55) Making mistakes and rolling with it

“It’s not only about being a marketing genius, it’s more about the rhythm which you say things” 

“Everything that I’ve done, besides from being on camera, it’s being behind the scenes” 

“It’s not about those moments of judgment, it’s not about the sins that we commit it’s about knowing that you can do the right things”

About Rob

Robert Ricotta has been a professional actor & voice actor since early 2010, as well as a published songwriter. (Formerly represented by WME in Beverly Hills, California)

As an actor, presenter and voice artist: Robert’s on camera acting/vocal styling is engaging (with a chameleon like mellifluous range) adaptable for all applications within the Film & Entertainment industry.

Robert has voiced projects from all over the world, and continues to work on high profile brands, web based promotionals, global organizations, networks, national/international films, television, cartoons, radio commercials; as well as animations, corporates, documentaries and personal videographer projects.

Robert has been the Narrator/Co Producer for the successful 2017 – 2021 Podcast: “UP and VANISHED”, winner of “BEST CRIME PODCAST” 2019 by iHEART RADIO and has now been adapted to a TV Series on the Oxygen Network.

His unique focus is outworked in communicating a clear message both on and off camera; bringing life to words and various scenes. This has helped him succeed as both a radio programmer, audiovisual editor/technician and on camera talent. His multifaceted experience in media provides clients with a unique skill set and perspective for their specific projects; adding depth to an already well-rounded experience. Robert has forged a reputation as being one of the top voice talents in the world

You have heard his voice on such avenues as: ESPN, CNN, Discovery Channel, History Channel, FOX and many other major networks in a myriad of different countries.

For more visit: http://www.robertricotta.com/

Twitter: @RobRicottaJr

IG: @rricotta

Text “freedom” to 602-584-8472 for updates on the Intentional Freedom Podcast and “happy hour” for updates on our Happy Hour minisodes and upcoming event details.


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