Ep 7: Unlocking Your Zone of Genius with Mike Zeller

On this episode: 

(7:50) Having fear of success

(10:13)Re-establishing a healthy relationship with money

(15:22) Empowering yourself and taking ownership

(16:48) The greatest growth is in the deepest areas of curiosity

(18:31) Taking responsibility for yourself

(20:45) You fail when you quit

(24:57) Know yourself first then others

(29:31) Figuring your why first

(33:52) What if is one of the best questions

(37:32) Taking mental ownership

(43:07) Getting your body in a state of receptivity

(46:10) Shaking up the foundation first

(52:19) Working with your partner is important

(55:46) Not been judged by others

“Being truly honest and trusting as well that there’s a path for everyone”

“Everyone’s reality perception is distorted in some way”

“Don’t be obsessed about the what and the how as long as you know your why”

About Mike:

Mike Zeller has founded or partnered in 16+ ventures in 5 different industries. His businesses collectively have done over $100 million in revenue. He’s mentored hundreds of entrepreneurs on 6 continents now of all age ranges and experience. From beginners to 9 figure entrepreneurs. He has also mentored some of Hollywood’s top voice-over actresses, NFL athletes, and other peak-performing executives. He’s the forthcoming author of two books, The Genius Within: Finding Your Business and Personal Zone of Genius for Maximum Success and TwiceBorn: How a Crisis Can Remake You.

Web: mikezeller.com

Twitter: @Michaelrzeller

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