Ep 8: Happy Hour E4 – Start When You Are Afraid

On this episode: 

(5:21) Valuing inspiring people

(7:34) Starting things when you’re afraid
(8:43) Perfectionism is a mindset
(11:01) Conditioning that failure is progress
(12:23) Being afraid of failing
(16:21) Choosing to please others
(20:04) Looking at others as inspiration
(24:58) Overcoming perfectionism mindset

(4:50) The feeling of starting something new, going into uncharted territory, it’s even harder when you have a lot of things going on and you feel afraid- Cori

(6:15) The best time to start something is when you’re afraid- Cori

(8:29) Perfectionism is always a road to disaster because it’s always going to end and it’s never going to be good enough- Aaron

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