Ep:1 Ignite your F.I.R.E. for freedom and production with Dr. David Warman

(4:26) Having purpose and passion
(8:26) Being a high achiever
(11:56) How to be a better person
(15:18) Abundance in all areas of your life
(18:12) We do what we value
(20:34) Focusing on who you want to be
(24:33) Having long term gratification
(27:12) Attachment, emotions and your goals
(34:08) Thoughts about money
(36:58) Knowing my core values
(43:50) Having the right staff in the right place
(48:09) False sense of gratification
(53:39) Being raised by example

“I have to gain freedom for myself to actually spend quality time with my daughter and to be present with her”
“We think we’re good at everything, but we’re really not good at everything, because if you’re good at everything, all dynamics in your life will be fine”
“To me, my first priority is my body, my fitness: what am I putting into my body, am I resting enough or taking care of my body?”

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