Group Coaching

Group Coaching for Gain

It’s true what they say, you are the sum of the 5 people you spend the most time with … is your group 7-figure thinkers? (OR REPLACE WITH HIGH LEVEL THINKERS). Group coaching is meant to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the people you have involved in your business.

Why? Because you want to play to people’s strengths! Have a strong communicator on the team? Great! Play to that strength. Have an organizer on the team? Fantastic! Play to that strength! … makes sense right! Equally crucial is identifying the weaknesses. Is someone slacking? Is someone not fulfilling your expectations? Aaron will be able to elegantly help you bring your team up to par and refine them in a way that will take your business to new heights! Whether you have a team running a small business, mid-market or enterprise stature business, it’s time to connect with Aaron to revamp your team. On the other end of his coaching is more time, more profits, and more freedom for you!

Realms of Freedom Include


Freedom from a financial standpoint is freeing! Knowing that your business is working for YOU not you for it is key. Like so many others, you may find you are the latter. The time is NOW for a change! I will lead you to strategic business design and have you experience win over win.

The art of the heart in it’s purest form from freedom. Learn how to nourish relationships, starting with you! The most important relationship you have is with yourself and if you take care of it, you will invite relationships in that align with your highest self.

The true concept of wealth. You can not pour from an empty cup. Learning to care of your wellbeing coincides with taking care of everything else in life.


It is time to press PLAY! Reconnect with your adventurous soul and inner child. Get outside and get dirty. Go on that trip. Take that dive. Tap into your adventurous side through living a life of Intentional Freedom.

Communication + connection:
They say communication is key and boy are they right. Knowing what you want to say, when you want to say it, and how you want to say it can make life so much easier. Equally so, knowing that you don’t always have to communicate things can grant you freedom. It’s time to learn how to save time and gain focus through communication.
Zone of genius:

DJ stop the track … literally stop the soundtrack spinning in your head! The soundtrack of what you have been conditioned to believe. When you stop the replay and get into your own zone of genius, you realize that freedom is yours for the taking! With knowledge, skill, and excellent execution, you too can live with Intentional Freedom. Step into your Zone of Genius and rock a new soundtrack.

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