Happy Hour E3 – Being Vulnerable to LEAD

(3:29) Feeling respected and connected
(5:35) Staying open to other perspectives
(6:30) Learning from failure
(10:11) Staying open and vulnerable
(12:36) Growing in different directions
(14:57) Being leaders together
(20:24) Making changes out of loss
(22:44) Changing yourself before changing others
(25:18) Talk less, listen more
(29:33) Setting boundaries as a leader
(31:33) Helping other people to become better leaders

I think vulnerability means exposing ourselves to others and putting ourselves out there is seen as a sign of weakness – Aaron

I’m going to lead you, I’ve done this before, are you with me, we may fail, but we’re going to get back up and we’re going to try again – Cory

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