EP: 3 The life of Artistic Enterpentuership with Rob Ricotta

(7:11) Studying more about God
(10:16) Reaching out to a mentor
(16:30) Body language and confidence
(18:05) Being humble and open
(21:48) Staying true to myself
(25:21) Awareness of myself
(33:34) We are made to sin
(36:22) Life is not only a gift
(38:46) Being worthy of having love
(52:36) Music is wide open
(56:55) Making mistakes and rolling with it

“It’s not only about being a marketing genius, it’s more about the rhythm which you say things”

“Everything that I’ve done, besides from being on camera, it’s being behind the scenes”

“It’s not about those moments of judgment, it’s not about the sins that we commit, it’s about knowing that you can do the right things”

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