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Intentional Freedom?

The Intentional Freedom Podcast is something different. Aaron dives deep with his questions to unravel the unique experiences of success and failure that have truly shaped some of the worlds most brilliant minds.
Have you ever wondered what the next step is for you? What someone you look up to’s biggest failure was, and how they over came it? Not only that, but what they learned from life’s ups and downs and achieved massive success through it all?

Aaron get’s real on this podcast. Taking vulnerability to another level so you can truly take what you hear and implement it into your business, your relationships, your family life or wherever you may be struggling.

True authenticity.
This podcast won’t waste your time.

Intentional Freedom

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Happy Hour E3 – Being Vulnerable to LEAD

(3:29) Feeling respected and connected (5:35) Staying open to other perspectives (6:30) Learning from failure (10:11) Staying open and vulnerable (12:36) Growing in different directions (14:57) Being leaders together (20:24) Making changes out of loss (22:44) Changing yourself before changing others (25:18) Talk less, listen more (29:33) Setting boundaries as a leader (31:33) Helping other

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Happy Hour E2 – Finding your Freedom

-What does freedom mean? -How long it took us to define freedom -Making a choice -Being flexible and the different seasons in life -Following the sugar -3 tips to define what freedom means -Escaping the “have to’s” -Not being defined by your career -Fulfillment -Knowing your values -What is God’s love? “I think freedom is

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Ep:2 Training with purpose with Scott Keppel

(3:27) Feeling like you don’t belong (8:16) Looking at what you need (13:57) Achieving your full potential (20:47) Helping others to achieve their goal (27:39) If your passionate, it will sell better (29:42) Wanting to give back authentically (37:18) Having another level of accountability (44:32) Impacting people’s lives (46:02) Giving people hope when they feel

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Happy Hour E1- Compliant vs. Gratitude

(4:27) Dealing with emotions (10:15) Dealing with different emotions (11:11) The teamwork approach (15:23) Becoming the center of the world (16:52) Living in a complaint mind frame (17:12) Switching mind into gratitude (20:10) Telling yourself the right stories (23:07) Identifying your mindset (25:29) Priming your body to have the right state (28:46) Journal to yourself

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